Meet Abdul Raheem 26 years old singer, music artist and Entrepreneur from Balochistan

Abdul Raheem music
Abdul Raheem

Pakistani Software Export Board publishing top 100 freelancers success stories. Abdul Raheem is one them. Here is story of Abdul.

Poverty is my inspiration. I started freelancing when all doors were closed. I learned with a 2G internet as I could not afford 3G network in my early days. said 26 years old Abdul Raheem from Jafferabad, Balochistan,

A digital marketing and WordPress development expert Three years ago, being a farmer’s son sought job opportunities to support his family. l completed my early education in a school having no concrete structure, we used to study sitting under trees or on carpets (taat).

After passing intermediate, he started working teacher on Rs. Three thousand monthly, insufficient to meet his family expenses. He was aware of internet earnings, so he researched in 2015 and learned blogging, web development, and Facebook monetization.

Abdul Raheem Balochi music artist
Abdul Raheem

Freelancing is flexible and does not limit you with age, gender, or location or demanding any professional degree, a costly phone or a laptop, and competitive skills for professional earnings online. Passion, patience, and practice made me a successful freelancer. as a Limited internet access is the main hurdle for him until today, he continued his virtual education with a small 20 phone using a google translator to understand technical terms and vocabulary used in different blogs. When eagerness became an urge, he borrowed an old laptop from his friend for practice.

He said, My family and friends were not aware of modern technology, it was challenging to convince my family and friends that was only using the internet for education. Even today, we don’t have a dialup connection at home.

He further added, l managed to buy a 3G phone. Whenever I needed any video tutorial, I downloaded it for a whole night, which often failed, and the whole effort repeated. I used to charge my phone in hotels, mosques, or solar chargers as we have long hours of load shedding.

The internet was my only mentor whenever I needed troubleshooting. Over the last three years, I successfully offered my services on freelance platforms and Facebook monetization.

Today I am a top-rated freelancer on Upwork, a level 2 seller on Fiverr, and run five individual websites for marketing campaigns with an average earning of $2000 monthly. I worked hard and never gave up as I believe success always comes after hardships.

The success story of Abdul Raheem published by Pakistan Software Export Board to promote freelancers of Pakistan.

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